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Wherever you work from, it’s easy to get caught in your own little bubble, and fail to see other points of view. In an office, at least you have other people around to bounce ideas off of, but what about those of us that work from home? What if you’re a freelancer, and only have [...]

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Working in a Bubble

Technology nowadays is pretty amazing, we can work from near enough anywhere and use the same tools on our phones as we do on our desktops. A lot of what we do at NTS is done through the cloud now, which is great, and because of this I’m able to work from home most of [...]

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Collaboration Flying High!

Just had a call from @UCCBennett from his @Avaya Flare Experience, from a plane!!!! #collaboration reaches new heights! — Jamie Roberts (NTS) (@JamieNTS) June 28, 2012 So I managed to have a call with Richard Bennett from Avaya while he was mid-flight to new york, he was using his Avaya Flare experience client over the [...]

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Social Media: Getting to Grips with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an invaluable tool for many organizations, and I see no reason why it should be any different for ours. However, getting to grips with it has been a tricky proposition. Firstly, I’ve had to decide exactly how to use my LinkedIn account. Although it may well be nice to add every friend [...]

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Android in the Enterprise

I came across an article today detailing how the new Samsung Galaxy SIII is the first of it’s phones to be a part of it’s Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) scheme. I’ve thought that android should be a good fit for the enterprise since it was first released and it’s amazed me that so little has been [...]

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Apple WWDC 2012

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As the Apple iOS platform matures, it seems as though Apple’s world wide developer conference might be more exciting than the inevitable hardware refresh later in the year. After all, we’re starting to get our heads around the idea that phones are now like personal computers were in the earlies 2000′s and it’s software that [...]

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Social Media: Keeping it Effective

I have a confession to make – unlike what seems to be the vast majority of the populace, I am not in love with Facebook. The constant updates drive me up the wall (excuse the pun) and I feel like the sheer volume of information and updates people post can make it too difficult to [...]

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Unified Communications for Small Business

Running a small business involves fitting yourself into a number of roles. When you’re in a situation where you have to be flexible, you really want technology that supports you in everything that you have to do and you want that technology to be as easy to use for one task as for another. Communication [...]

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Collaboration leadership

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I was reading through this article on the Avaya site and it got me thinking about collaboration adoption in organisations I’ve worked in in the past. Often, incredible collaboration solutions have been implemented but fear of change or lack of interest from people at the CxO level has made and enablement technology into a hindrance. Collaboration is [...]

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A Collaboration Vision of the Future

Following on from my post about display technologies and their impact on unified communications and collaboration, this video from Corning shows their vision of the future, where embedded displays have become ubiquitous and collaborative tools have been written for many environments, with a focus on education and medical settings. It is an amazing rendering and really shows [...]

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