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Working in a Bubble

Technology nowadays is pretty amazing, we can work from near enough anywhere and use the same tools on our phones as we do on our desktops. A lot of what we do at NTS is done through the cloud now, which is great, and because of this I’m able to work from home most of [...]

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Consumer Electronics show 2012

Only a couple of weeks into 2012 and CES is upon us. The 2012 Consumer Electronics show lets us look at various technological developments and see what new products we will start seeing over the next few years. It seems like there’s a lot of new display and imaging technologies being exhibited this year and [...]

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Microsoft and their Evolving UC Strategy

Christmas has passed and around the world, thousands of households have purchased Microsoft ‘Kinect’ cameras to use with their Xboxes. Quietly, Microsoft has laid the groundwork for a global consumer videoconferencing system in a way no company has ever managed to before. After announcing the purchase of Skype last year, it’s obvious that Microsoft aren’t [...]

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